Silken Windhound Health and Research Projects

There are few things more beautiful than the vision of a healthy sight hound coursing after the lure, running freely, or merely seeming to pose for the simple delight of the observer.

Silken Windhounds are in the minority of dog breeds in that they are a remarkably healthy breed. The life expectancy of a typical Silken Windhound can easily extend into their late teens while experiencing fewer health issues than are typically found in their foundation breeds.

Diligent selective breeding from the inception of the breed along with DNA parental marker verification of all Silken Windhounds in the breeding pool have aided in maintaining the overall health of the breed. We were surprised to discover that this breeding philosophy has brought Silken Windhounds to the attention of the scientific community. Genetic confirmation extending back many generations and providing a totally confirmed genealogy is a fact no other dog breed can duplicate. Another fact that interests researchers is the scientifically forward-thinking and cooperative breeder and owner family.

Silken Windhounds are not yet the perfect breed and do have a couple of health issues actively being researched by notable veterinary schools. Breeders and owners of Silken Windhounds are proud to have been approached by researchers in their efforts to learn more about not only canine genome, but also the association of that research as it relates to humans.