Silkens Become NOTRA’s Newest Provisional Breed!

Hot on the heels of acceptance as a fully eligible breed for LGRA (straight racing), Silken Windhounds may now compete as a NOTRA (oval racing) provisional breed!!!

Suki (Talisman of Sukiya) tearing up the sand track at SOMOS in Jacksonville. Photo courtesy Hyacinth Hounds Photography.

We look forward to seeing you on the track!

Silken Windhounds Become ASFA’s Newest Provisional Breed!

Silken Windhounds are the newest breed to be accorded ASFA provisional status, the next step on the process to becoming a fully eligible ASFA lure coursing breed!

A group photo of almost all of the 20 Silkens who competed in the 2011 ASFA International Invitational. Not pictured: Czar, Sasha, Inca, and Logan. Silkens were the first breed to split the Limited stake at the II! Photo credit and copyright Leigh Davis, Inish Fiain Silken Windhounds.

The Silken Windhound breed entered provisional status on March 1, 2012.  According to a recent ASFA clarifying policy, the provisional classes in which a provisional breed may compete at an ASFA Trial are the open stake, field champion stake and veteran stake.  Results from the classes shall be recorded and published as provisional open, provisional field champion and provisional veteran.

Eligibility to enter the provisional field champion class will be based on points and placements earned during the provisional recognition period that would otherwise entitle a hound of a breed fully recognized by ASFA to be awarded an ASFA Field Champion title.

Congratulations to all the Silkens and their owners who have come out in record numbers during the two-year period the breed has competed in Limited Stakes competition!!!

Congratulations Teddy, First SRCX IX!

Those following the career of this red brindle wonder will not be surprised to learn that Teddy has added yet another roman numeral to his Straight Racing Championship Excellent, the ISWS equivalent of LGRA’s SGRC title.

The incomparable ISWS/NAKC/Rarities CH, Talisman's Ursa Major, ISWS FCh., OTRC, SRCX IX! Photo credit and copyright Steve Tradewell, Ardent Hounds.

Teddy, who was also the first Silken Windhound to accumulate 12 GRC points in LGRA provisional competition, is now the first and only SRCX IX!  Teddy earned this historic title in yet another undefeated race meet, the same way he’s won almost every other point he’s earned in his incomparable racing career.  We’re blown away by this boy’s success!

Congratulations to Rio – First Silken to earn a UKC Agility title!

At the UKC Gateway Nationals in St. Louis, October 28-30, 2011, URO1 UAGI CT ALCH ‘PR’ Allagante Mystic Topaz DNA FCh IC CGC, “Rio” became the first Silken to hold a UKC Agility title.

URO1 UAGI CT ALCH 'PR' Allagante Mystic Topaz DNA FCh IC CGC, “Rio.” Photo credit and copyright Lydia Jorgenson.

Rio and Lydia began training for agility in July 2008. They trained casually, not expecting to ever compete, much less to make Silken history. Rio loves jumps and tunnels, and is currently working on mastering weaves. As Lydia puts it, “Rio can’t understand why, after going through the rest of the course as fast a possible, we have to slow down to wiggle around a bunch of sticks.” Since the beginning level of UKC doesn’t include the weave poles, Rio was able to take what he knew and conquer the course with 3 qualifying runs, earning his first-level UKC title, UAG1.

Rio had a steller weekend at Nationals (he also won his Altered Conformation Championship, a rally title, and a lure coursing title!), but as proud as Lydia is of Rio’s achievements, it is their tight bond and loving relationship that gives her the most pleasure: 

I am most proud of the fact that Rio trusts me—even when he is uncertain about an obstacle, he will do it because he trusts me (despite the fact that he sometimes look miserable doing it). That is very humbling.

Rio’s favorite reward is string cheese, and he’s working hard for it as he learns to work further away from Lydia. With Rio’s sighthound speed, Lydia is teaching him distance handling so she can direct his path through the agility course without him slowing down to wait for her. Keep your eyes peeled for Rio blazing through an agility course near you!

Congratulations Storm!

Congratulations to Storm, who became the breed’s first and only female SRCX II last weekend!

UKC Ch., ISWS Ch., IABCA Int'l Ch. Elessar's Marvel Storm, SRCX II, CIC, CGC "Storm." Photo credit and copyright Glenn Conlan.

Keep on racing, Storm, you’re an inspiration to girls everywhere!

Derby gets the Gold and keeps on going!

Congratulations to Debs SmallWorld Kentucky Derby FDCH-Gold “Derby” on earning his Flyball Dog Champion Gold status with 2,500 points!

Debs SmallWorld Kentucky Derby, FDCH-Gold “Derby.” Photo credit and copyright Irene Cotter.

Laura and Derby earned his FDCH-Gold at the No Speed Limit flyball tournament in West Friendship, MD, competing with their team, Heads or Tails. To get a feel for the level of their accomplishment, and watch video of Derby competing in flyball, read on.

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Congratulations to 2011′s Top ASFA Silkens!

The scores are in and it’s time to announce ASFA‘s 2011 Top 20 Rankings! And the honor of 2011′s top ASFA Silken goes to Bados, with a whopping 135 Bowens!

NAKC Int Ch. Allagante Windspirit Barbados, ISWS LCM, SRC ("Bados") lure coursing his way to another impressive victory! Photo credit and copyright Dave Mills.

The full list can be viewed on the ASFA site here. Congratulations to all who competed!

Congratulations to 2011′s Top ISWS Straight and Oval Racers!

Take a moment to look back and congratulate  2011′s top straight and oval racing Silkens!  Annual standings are based on national points earned throughout the year.

Congratulations to Garis (Allagante Sangaris, OTRCX, SRC, ISWS FCH), #1 ISWS Oval Racer for 2011!! Photo credit and copyright Paul Sanders of Allagante Silkens.

Full ISWS Oval Racing Standings on the ISWS Oval Racing website.

Teddy (ISWS Ch & NAKC/Rarities Int'l Ch Talisman's Ursa Major, SRCX VIII, OTRC, ISWS FCh) earned the honor of #1 ISWS straight racer for the fourth year in a row!! Photo credit and copyright Steve Tradewell of Ardent Hounds.

Full ISWS Straight Racing Standings on the ISWS Straight Racing website.



Congratulations Ella, First European ISWS FCh!

Ella (Talisman of Electra Sarafias) is the first European Silken to take home the title of ISWS Field Champion!

Ella, BISS SuSVK V-07, DV-08 Talisman of Electra Sarafias ISWS FCh. Photo credit and copyright Eero Juhola.

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Silken Windhounds Recognized as LGRA’s Newest Provisional Breed

As of January 1st, 2012, Silken Windhounds can compete in LGRA straight-racing meets as a provisional breed!  Thanks to LGRA clubs NARC and SORCA for requesting provisional status for our breed.

Silkens Racing by Dave Mills

Photo credit and copyright Dave Mills.

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