ASFA Trial with GUNC in Duluth, Minnesota

By Mike Leach of Velichestvo Silken Windhounds
Dates: July 16 and 17, 2010
Club: Goin’ Up North Coursing Club (“GUNC”)

The weekend of July 16 & 17 we attended an ASFA trial in Duluth, Minnesota.

Kristull Arcadia by Tangaloor "Sasha"

NAKC Top Dog in Classic, MBIS, BISS, ISWS Ch, NAKC & IABCA Int'l Ch Kristull Arcadia by Tangaloor SRCX, ISWS FCh "Sasha" Photo Credit: Kent Standerford at Big Paw Prints

Judges were Jeff Lipps and Kathy Nelson. Kay Nierengarten was FTS.
Also in Duluth that weekend was a large AKC conformation show.

Sighthounds showed in the early morning so they could run in the afternoon.

This was Czar’s first competition since coming off the disabled list
after the ASFA II. Fortunately he ran just fine. On Friday, Czar and
Sasha tied in both the preliminary and the final. Not wanting another
run we gave the win to Czar.

On Saturday, Czar went hard into a 90 degree turn, lost control, and did a complete head-over-heels flip.

Kristull Jaromir "Czar"

ISWS Ch, NAKC & IABCA Int'l Ch Kristull Jaromir SRCX, ISWS FCh "Czar" Photo Credit: Kent Standerford at Big Paw Prints

It was probably the biggest crash he has ever had in competition. But
he never lost sight of the lure. He was not hurt and quickly got back
to his feet to continue the chase. His score was his best of the
weekend and the best of all the other breeds that day. We joked that
the judges gave him extra style points based on the degree of
difficulty of his flip.

Czar & Sasha again tied in the final so Czar got the win. We were afraid Czar might be a little sore the next morning, but he was in great shape and leaped into the van thinking we were going to run again.

Jean & Jim Colletti also went up north for the events. Twyla did not compete, but their lovely Saluki bitch Isis did. She finished her field
championship in lure coursing and took BOB at least three of the days
in conformation.

It was a great weekend hanging out with the folks in the North Country.

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