ASFA Trial with MBCA & PHFNC in Hollister, CA

By: Cindy Wolpin
Dates: Aug. 14 and 15, 2010
Clubs: Monterey Bay Coursing Association (“MBCA”) and Pharaoh Hound Fanciers of Northern California (“PHFNC”)

It was an especially exciting weekend for Northern California lure coursing enthusiasts and their Sighthounds.

New Field Champion Rubia Ladder to the Moon ("Jacob"). Photo credit and copyright Jim Wallace.

The Silken Windhounds had the pleasure of participating in the weekend event and opening of the new large dog performance field in Holister, Ca. This place is huge, especially for here in Northern California! It has an upper field and lower field that can each easily host a good 800-1000 yd. course.

Region 2 Director Christy Beetz and her husband Bruce were instrumental in getting this field up and running in their small rural farm town of Holister, and they both have been very supportive of our Silken’s the past few years. The 2 clubs they are both involved in, PHFNC & MBCA, have been some of the first coursing groups to invite our breed out to course.

NAKC Int'l Ch, IABCA UCICB Allagante Christian Dior LCC, IC, CGC "Dior." Photo credit and copyright Jim Wallace.

Saturday 8/14/10 results-
14 Silkens in Limited & 3 in Singles

Weather was overcast most of the day with temps from 54*- mid 70′s in the afternoon. Perfect running weather.

Call Names, Combined Scores, Placement

Jacob 317 1st
Dune 315 2nd
Dior 313 3rd
Sahara 311 4th
Tara 305 NBQ
Ella 303
Isis 289
Azure 287
Eden 259
Addie 250
Mocha 243
Djinn 241
Lili 188
Pele Dismissed

Call Names, Combined Scores, Placement

Stone 138 2nd
Jhames 72
Tuscan 30

Sunday 8/15/10 results
12 Silkens in Limited & 2 in Singles

Day 2 of our ASFA trial brought us to the upper field of this new coursing venue. The course plan was for 760 yds on a completely flat field. We could see everything today!

The gorgeous new performance field in Holister, CA. Photo credit and copyright Jim Wallace.

Weather was overcast, but cleared early for a sunny but breezy day. Temps went up a little to the low 80′s at most.

Call Names, Combined Scores, Placements

Dune 161 2nd
Dior 160 3rd determined by runoff score 80pts
Tara 160 4th determined by runoff score 79pts
Lili 157 NBQ
Mocha 156
Ella 155
Azure 153
Eden 146
Sahara 144
Addie 136
Djinn 133

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