2010 Iron Hound Competition with NCWC in Elk Grove, CA

Dates: Sept. 4, 5, and 6, 2010
Club: Northern California Whippet Club (“NCWC”)

The NCWC graciously invited Silkens to compete in its 2010 Iron Hound competition, and Silkens and their people from California’s Central Coast to Washington State rose to the challenge!

Silkens compete for the coveted title of Iron Hound. Photo credit and copyright Susan Burt Photography.

Two professional photographers were there to capture the action:
JBagby Photo
Susan Burt Photography

Saturday, 9/4 Straight Racing
Saturday’s straight racing event saw 19 Silkens competing, two of whom won their SRCs!

Scirocco's Blue Djinn "Djinn" took the top spot in Saturday's straight racing while wearing an intimidating custom Merril Woolf muzzle. Photo credit and copyright Susan Burt Photography.

1) Djinn (Scirocco’s Blue Djinn SRCX – Steele) 22 meet points, 5 NRC points
2) Garis (Allagante Sangaris – Sanders/Koski) 14 meet points, 2.25 NRC points, 5 SRC points *New SRC!*
3) Storm (Elessar Marvel Storm SRC – Silvestri) 14 meet points, 2.25 NRC points and BOS
4) Jacob (Rubia’s Ladder to the Moon – Wolpin/Fink) 12 meet points, 3 SRC points *New SRC!*
5) Helios (Talisman’s Light of Helios SRCX – Chin) 12 meet points
6) Lego (Allagante Mai Tai Davan – Sanders) 11 meet points, 1.5 SRC points
7) Kamiah (Allagante Rvnwoods It’se Ye Ye SRC – Koski) 10 meet points
8) Ella (Tangaloor Eleanor of Rubia SRCX – Wolpin) 10 meet points
9) Moto (Renaissance High Tech SRC- Claggett) 10 meet points
10) Tara (Talisman of Tarazed Scirocco SRC- Steele) 10 meet points
11) Isis (Elessar Belle Isis – Silvestri) 8 meet points
12) Hillevi (Seiran Ayame Windspirit – Sanders) 8 meet points
13) Keno (Allagante Ka-Nee-Ta SRC – Sinclair/Tradewell) 7 meet points
14) Eden (Rubia Seeing the Moon – Fink) 7 meet points
15) Lili (Rubia Moon Reflection – Fink) 7 meet points
16) Mocha (Rubia Homage to the Moon – Fink) 6 meet points
17) Brewer (Gryffyn’s Strange Brew SRC – Steele) 5 meet points
18) Shadow (Allagante Evening Wind SRC – Godfrey) 5 meet points
19) Whisper (Rubia White Moon Heart – Godfrey/Fink) 0 meet points

Sunday, 9/5 Oval Racing
Nine Silkens competed in Saturday’s oval racing. Djinn again took the first-place honors on the race track.

The competition for the Iron Hound title continued on Sunday. Djinn lead the pack to win another first placement. Photo credit and copyright JBagby Photo.

1) Djinn (Scirocco’s Blue Djinn OTRC – Steele) 21 meet pts, 3 OTRCX pts
2) Lego (Allagante Sangaris – Sanders/Koski) 15 meet pts, 1 OTRCX pt, 1 OTRC pt.
3) Garis (Allagante Mai Tai Davan – Sanders) 15 meet pts, 1 OTRCX pt, 1 OTRC pt.
4) Kamiah (Allagante Rvnwoods It’se Ye Ye – Koski) 12 meet pts
5) Helios (Talisman’s Light of Helios – Chin) 11 meet pts
6) Keno (Allagante Ka-Nee-Ta – Sinclair/Tradewell) 11 meet pts
7) Hillevi (Seiran Ayame Windspirit – Sanders) 11 meet pts and BOS
8) Moto (Renaissance High Tech – Claggett) 4 meet pts
9) Tara (Talisman of Tarazed Scirocco – Steele) 3 meet pts

Monday, 9/6 Lure Coursing
Fifteen Silken Windhounds competed in the ASFA trial that capped off three days of intense competition.  These coursers included eight valiant Silkens who competed all three days for the Iron Hound title!

Rubia Ladder to the Moon "Jacob" took first place in Monday's ASFA trial. Photo credit and copyright Jim Wallace.

1) Jacob Rubia Ladder to the Moon, Wolpin
2) Kamiah Allagante Rvnwoods It’se Ye Ye, Koski
3) Shadow Allagante Evening Wind, Godfrey
4) Garis Allagante Sangaris, Koski/Sanders
nbq Lego Allagante Mai Tai Davan, Sanders
others with qualifying scores:
Djinn Scirocco’s Blue Djinn, Steele
Eden Rubia Seeing the Moon, Fink
Ella Tangaloor Eleanor of Rubia, Wolpin
Helios Talisman’s Light of Helios, Chin
Hillevi Seiran Ayame Windspirit, Sanders/Meale
Keno Allagante Ka-Nee-Ta, Sinclair
Rubia Moon Reflection, Fink
Mocha Rubia Homage to the Moon, Fink
Tara Talisman of Tarazed Scirocco, Steele
Whisper Rubia White Moon Heart, Godfrey

Final Iron Hound Placements
The first Silken Iron Hound!

Allagante Sangaris "Garis" is the first Silken Windhound IRON HOUND! Photo credit and copyright Lori Hunter.

1) Garis (Allagante Sangaris)
2) Lego (Allagante Mai Tai Davan)
3) (tie): Djinn (Scirocco’s Blue Djinn)
& Kamiah (Allagante Rvnwoods It’se Ye Ye )

Allagante Sangaris "Garis" enjoys some well-deserved rest back at the hotel. Photo credit and copyright Jackie Koski.

What a great showing!  Congratulations to all who competed!

[Ed. note: a previous version of this post incorrectly reported the placements in Saturday's straight racing.]

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