Straight Racing with NCWFA in Dixon, CA

By Ann Steele of Scirocco Silken Windhounds
Dates: Sept. 25 and 26, 2010
Club: Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association (“NCWFA”)

We also had racing this weekend, this time with the NCWFA in Dixon.

Photo credit and copyright Steve Tradewell.

Saturday was VERY hot and we were all wilted by noon. Eleven dogs were entered and the surprise win went to Storm, who is very fast and a game competitor. Congratulations to Lori and baby MJ (who provided giggles and moral support).

ISWS Ch., IABCA Int'l Ch. Elessar's Marvel Storm, SRC, CIC, CGC "Storm." Photo credit and copyright Glenn Conlan.

1) Storm, 4 Nat’l points
2) Djinn, 2 Nat’l points
3) Keno 1 Nat’l points
4) Eden 3 SRC points
5) Jacob
6) Tara
7) Ella
8 ) Lili 1.5 SRC points
9) Moto
10) Mocha 0.5 SRC points
11) Oz

BISS, RBIS, ISWS NAKC Intl and IABCA Intl Champion Scirocco's Blue Djinn SRCX, OTRC, IC, "Djinn." Photo credit and copyright Steve Tradewell.

Sunday was not quite so hot and our nine entries finished much earlier in the day. Djinn was high score, Storm was BOS, and Ella was best Veteran.

1) Djinn, 3 Nat’l points
2) Storm, 1.5 Nat’l points
3) Jacob, .5 Nat’l points
4) Ella
5) Keno
6) Lili, .75 SRC points
7) Eden, .75 SRC points
8) Tara
9) Mocha

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