ASFA Trials in Hollister, CA with MBCA and PHFNC

In Hollister, CA, Silkens competed in three back-to-back ASFA trials over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with the Monterey Bay Coursing Association and the Pharaoh Hound Fanciers of Northern California!

Rubia Ladder to the Moon ISWS F.Ch., SRC "Jacob." Photo credit and copyright Jim Wallace.

This was a 3-day event ending with the Quirky fun run event on Sunday afternoon.  Dogs had to run 2 days, including Sunday, and be either a BOB or 1st place in Limited to participate in the Quirky run.  The courses each day were 750-850 yards long.


Friday 11/26/10 MBCA results
2 Silkens entered
name / combined scores / placement
Jacob (Rubia Ladder to the Moon) / 142 / 1st
Ella (Tangaloor Eleanor of Rubia) / 137 / 2nd

Saturday 11/27/10 MBCA results
6 Silkens entered
Jacob / 306 / 1st
Mocha (Rubia Homage to the Moon) / 304 / 2nd
Ella / 299 / 3rd
Eden (Rubia Seeing the Moon) / 273 / 4th
Addie (Tangaloor Delenn) / 260 / NBQ

Tangaloor Eleanor of Rubia SRCX, ISWS FCH, ISWS LCM "Ella." Photo credit and copyright Jim Wallace.

Sunday 11/28/10 PHFNC results
6 Silkens entered
Mocha / 147 / 1st NEW ISWS FCH!
Jacob / 145 / 2nd
Ella / 143 / 3rd
Addie / 135 / 4th
Eden / 125 / NBQ

Both Mocha and Jacob qualified for the Quirky run, competing against the other top winners of the weekend, Brando the Whippet, Wyatt the Pharaoh and Tri-Me the Basenji. In the end, it was Brando the Whippet who went home with the Quirky trophy, but all the hounds had a great time!

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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