Congratulations Ella, First European ISWS FCh!

Ella (Talisman of Electra Sarafias) is the first European Silken to take home the title of ISWS Field Champion!

Ella, BISS SuSVK V-07, DV-08 Talisman of Electra Sarafias ISWS FCh. Photo credit and copyright Eero Juhola.

Finnish Silken Windhounds have been competing in lure coursing trials held under FCI rules for many years. These Silkens compete in an unofficial class, and while they are not eligible for FCI titles, they can earn ISWS titles based on their scores and placements, with ISWS points calculated using ASFA-style rules.

For more Finnish coursing fun, Eero, Ella’s owner, has lots of photos posted from October’s Möllin Maastot fun run here!

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