Congratulations to 2011′s Top ISWS Straight and Oval Racers!

Take a moment to look back and congratulate  2011′s top straight and oval racing Silkens!  Annual standings are based on national points earned throughout the year.

Congratulations to Garis (Allagante Sangaris, OTRCX, SRC, ISWS FCH), #1 ISWS Oval Racer for 2011!! Photo credit and copyright Paul Sanders of Allagante Silkens.

Full ISWS Oval Racing Standings on the ISWS Oval Racing website.

Teddy (ISWS Ch & NAKC/Rarities Int'l Ch Talisman's Ursa Major, SRCX VIII, OTRC, ISWS FCh) earned the honor of #1 ISWS straight racer for the fourth year in a row!! Photo credit and copyright Steve Tradewell of Ardent Hounds.

Full ISWS Straight Racing Standings on the ISWS Straight Racing website.



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