Ring in the New Year with Silken Windhound Calendars!

Barb Kroczak has put together three beautiful Silken Windhound calendars to brighten your home or office!  Proceeds go towards the SilkenFest fund.


Jake (Rubia's Ladder to the Moon, ISWS FCH, SRC) shows off his agility on the cover of the 2012 Silken Windhounds in Action calendar!

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Firebirds Smoke’n Fire Brindle battles the elements for her Nosework2 title!

Congratulations to Firebirds Smoke’n Fire Brindle (Phoebe) on her 2nd Nosework title! Phoebe is the first Silken to attain this honor. The following write-up, from Cathi Wester, gives a great feel for what takes place at a Nosework event.

Firebirds Smoke’n Fire Brindle CGC, NW1, NW2 “Phoebe.” Photo credit and copyright Kelli Stover of Stover Photography.

On Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011, we had the first K9 Nose Work 2 trial in Colorado at a private school. We were also lucky enough to have the first snow trial. We had highs in the lower 20′s and it was snowing. The judges and certifying official were from California and were very cold. :-) It was a day full of challenges for the competitors, volunteers, and the organizers. In spite of that, eleven of the twenty-two dogs titled. Phoebe was one of them. :-)

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2011 ASFA Trials in Hollister, CA with MBCA and PHFNC

The weekend of August 27 & 28, the Silken members of the InPhenite Sighthounds insisted that J drive them 11 hours to CA for the Monterey Bay Coursing Association ASFA Region 2 All-Breed Invitational on Saturday followed by the Pharaoh Hound Fanciers of CA all-breed coursing event on Sunday.

Allagante Windspirit Barbados “Bados” running his way to the top of the ASFA’s Silken Top 20. Photo credit and copyright Jeffery Yen.

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GWWA ISWS Straight Race Results and New SRC!

Sunday, August 28, 2011, was a hot but exciting day of racing in Orange with the largest southern CA racing entry to date. There were a couple of people checking out Silkens for the first time, so it was great to have 14 Silkens racing for folks to watch and enjoy meeting.

Program 1 Race 4: Sahara, Isis, Strider, and Storm. Photo credit and copyright Jolene Jones & Keith Hicks

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Teddy’s SRCXVII!!!

This joyful note of congratulations comes from Joyce Chin of Talisman Hounds:  

Congratulations on the big 7 to Terri and Teddy! This last weekend Teddy ran his way to another milestone for the Silken breed, the first SRCX 7, ( which is 211 Nat pts) and is now ISWS Ch NAKC Ch Talisman’s Ursa Major SRCXVII, ORTC, ISWS FCh! I am so proud to have brought this boy into the world!

Talisman's Ursa Major “Teddy” showing his intense focus, beautiful musculture, and all together winning form. Photo credit and copyright Rick Steele.

What the photo above can’t capture is Teddy’s immense sense of heart and will to win. Congratulations to Teddy, Terri, and Joyce!

New SJOR – Kristull Twyla!

Congratulations to Kristull Twyla (Twyla) and Jean Coletti in earning Twyla’s SJOR! Twyla attained her title racing in Ramsey, MN, with the Northland Amateur Racing Club (NARC) on a 270 yard oval, Sunday, August 21, 2011.

Kristull Twyla “Twyla” looking like a champ! Photo credit and copyright Jay Custer.

 We’re proud of your accomplishment, Jean and Twyla!


Oval Racing with WRAG in Goldendale, WA and announcing… Silkendom’s First OVAL X champion – Garis!

Saturday, August 20, 2011, was extremely hot day of oval racing with the Whippet Racing Activity Group (WRAG) in Goldendale, WA. A good breeze kept it bearable, and having a doggie pool for the dogs helped tremendously. The following excerpts come from Karen Sanders’ (Allagante Silkens) narrative of the event. There were 6 Silkens racing on the 350 yard oval track. 

Allagante Sangaris “Garis” crossing the finish line to his OTRCX. Photo credit and copyright Paul Sanders.

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Woofstock with WWRC in Beavercreek, OR

July 30 & 31, 2011, were two beautiful days of racing in BeaverCreek, OR. The weather was gorgeous, low eighties with a cool breeze. The weekend was called Woofstock and participants (including the dogs) got into the act by wearing tie-dye shirts and/or hippy-style clothes from the 1960s and 1970s. All the prizes were having things that were tie-dyed, wildly colored, or sporting peace signs. Fun!

Silkens racing at Woofstock. Photo credit and copyright Julie Ward Photography.

After the event on Saturday, the margaritas came out and it was party time. The club supplied a taco bar dinner and many camped over for the night. Here are Saturday’s results:

place / call name/ registered name / owner(s) / meet pts / SRC pts / NRC pts

1 / Garis / Allagante Sangaris / Koski / 22 / 2 NRC pts
2 / Cayman / Allagante Rvnwood Grand Cayman / Koski 14 / 1.5 / 0.5
3 / Dove / Siendo’s Yucatan / Koski / 14 / 1.5 / 0.5
4 / Temora / Allagante Temora / Sanders / 11                
5 / Apache / Windspirit Apache Allagante / Sanders / 11             
6 / Kota  / Allagante Lakota Sioux Dx / Sanders / 7                      
7 / Xena / Allagante Mariposa / Sanders / 6       

Sunday was more of the same beautiful weather and all had a great time. The event was held at the Bradley’s chicken farm – a very fun and relaxing place. Next year, the theme is “Chicken Run.” Come on up for a great time! Here are Sunday’s results: 

place / call name/ registered name / owner(s) / meet pts / SRC pts / NRC pts 

1 / Garis / Allagante Sangaris / Koski / 22 / 2 SRC pts
2 / Dove / Siendo’s Yucatan / Koski / 14 / 2 / 1
3 / Cayman / Allagante Rvnwood Grand Cayman / Koski / 13 / 1 
4 / Temora / Allagante Temora / Sanders / 11                
5 / Kota  / Allagante Lakota Sioux Dx / Sanders / 6                      
6 / Xena / Allagante Mariposa / Sanders / 5

Congratulations Cayman!

The following note of congratulations comes from Karen Sanders (Allagante Silkens):  We had a new ISWS Field Champion (FCH) from the NW Fest weekend, July 25, 2011. A drumroll please for Allagante Rvnwood Grand Cayman!

Allagante Rvnwood Grand Cayman “Cayman” coursing in grand style to his FCH. Photo credit and copyright Iola Stetson.

 Congratulations, Jackie, on your baby Cayman getting his first (but not last) field title!

NW Fest 2011 ASFA Lure Coursing with SORCA in Damascus, OR

Monday, July 25, 2011, was a day of lure coursing with the Southern Oregon Racing and Coursing Association (SORCA). The following excerpt comes from Karen Sanders’ (Allagante Silkens) narrative of the event. The day began with a HUGE thunderclap at 6:00 am. Rainfall earlier in the night heralded a much cooler morning for the All Breed ASFA trial sponsored by the local club, SORCA.

Look at the boys go! Allagante Sangaris SRC, ORC, FCH “Garis” (top) and Allagante Windspirit Barbado “Bados” (bottom). Photo credit and copyright Iola Stetson.

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