ISWS Registry Forms

Rules Applying to Registration

Litter Application Form - use this form to register a litter. Upon receipt, the Registrar will send the individual registration application for each puppy.

Notification of Lease Form - use this form to notify the Registrar of a lease agreement so that the records will reflect the correct ownership of a litter.

DNA Submission - Parentage DNA testing is performed by UC Davis VGL (Veterinary Genetics Lab) and must be done before a Silken Windhound is bred. Use this form to request swabs and the needed documentation to send samples to UCD. Please note: Do NOT send swab samples back to the Registrar! More information on ISWS-required DNA testing may be found here.

ISWS Registrar

12/2015 - Present
Iola Stetson

5/2007 - 12/2015
R. Lynn Shell

3/1999 - 5/2007
Lucille Meale