The ISWS Registry

The purpose of the ISWS Registry is to preserve the integrity of the Silken Windhound breeding records and to establish a canine DNA database with DNA profiles for the purposes of parent verification, individual genetic identity, and to identify dogs that may contribute chromosomal abnormalities to their offspring and to document the results in the ISWS Health Registry.

Breeders must DNA test every dog to verify its parentage prior to breeding.  If the breeder disregards this DNA testing requirement, the offspring will not be eligible for registration until the breeder complies with the regulation.

Sadly, all unregistered offspring will not only be lost to the breed, but the ISWS will also not consider them purebred Silkens.

Download the ISWS Rules of Registration

ISWS Registry Basic Reminders

  1. All owners of a bitch must sign the Litter Registration form as well as the individual registration papers of each puppy in the litter; only one stud owner is required for signature of the Litter Registration.
  2. When transferring a dog to a new owner, the transfer must be completed on the back of the ORIGINAL registration certificate and the ORIGINAL mailed to the Registrar (no copies).
  3. All owners listed on a dog's registration certificate must sign for a transfer of the dog to new owners.
  4. DNA Parental Verification should be performed prior to breeding. This requirement carries over to UKC registration.
  5. Two tier registration has been discontinued as UKC will not recognize "limited registration", so there is no longer a need to upgrade a dog to full registration.
  6. When paying by Paypal, send payment to Do NOT send to the registrar address - it must go to the Treasurer.
  7. If paying via Paypal, a print copy of the Paypal receipt must be included with the forms when mailed.
  8. Items must be mailed via post. Please do not send registration items via email, with the exception of photos for DNA cards (if desired - it is optional)
  9. Contact the Registrar using the email address

UKC Acceptance And Registration

In March of 2011 Silken Windhounds were accepted into the fold of the United Kennel Club (UKC) one of the oldest all-breed registries in the US.In May of 2011 the current records in the ISWS registry were sent to UKC for inclusion in their registry. After this date, it is the responsibility of Silken owners to register their litters and individuals with UKC per the UKC rules.

To register dogs with UKC which were not included with the original transfer, you would need to follow the rules provided by the UKC on their website.

When registering a litter with UKC it is required that you provide proof of DNA testing of the litter's parents by ISWS's approved lab (VGL). Those dogs included in the original transfer had their VGL#s included in their records. Dogs DNA'd after that period would need to have their VGL results report included with the litter registration in which they are listed as a sire or dam.

For more information on registration procedures with the United Kennel Club, please visit their website.

Double Registering

ISWS will continue to register dogs for inclusion in its registry, so dogs would be double-registered. Dogs must be registered with ISWS in order to compete in ISWS-sanctioned shows and receive ISWS championship points.

ISWS Registrar

12/2015 - Present
Iola Stetson

5/2007 - 12/2015
R. Lynn Shell

3/1999 - 5/2007
Lucille Meale