Items for Sale Benefitting the ISWS Silken Windhound Rescue Fund

2013 calendar

2013 Puppy Calendar

2013 Puppy Calendar

2013 ISWS Calendars

Get your 2013 Silken Windhound calendar!! Choose from Puppies or Adults or great Action Shots - Check it out!

A percent of the profit goes to ISWS Rescue Fund. Beautiful past issues are available too.

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SilkenFest Memorabilia

Site is for the purchase of Silken Windhound items featuring artwork from past SilkenFest events.

15% of the cost of each item purchased goes to the SilkenFest fund.

Dog Gone Good Recipes

Cookbook featuring recipes sent in by various Silken fanciers. 100% of profit goes to the ISWS Rescue Fund.

$5 plus $3 shipping. For multiple copies, shipping is $1.50 per extra.

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