Silken Windhound Rescue Statement

From its place as a beloved family dog, to show dog, service dog, therapy dog and beyond, the Silken Windhound has proven to be an ideal dog for many people. So far, we have been able to track all members of our family of Silken Windhounds. The International Silken Windhound Society recognizes that we will eventually have need of a rescue organization for Silken Windhounds,  despite precautions taken by our breeders to prevent the surrender of their dogs to anyone except themselves. Therefore, we have taken steps to coordinate this effort.

Currently the ISWS Rescue is the only legitimate rescue organization recognized by the International Silken Windhound Society for Silken Windhounds. We are building a network of foster homes and area coordinators whose sole focus is the well-being of our dogs. We can guarantee that Silken Windhounds rescued through ISWS Rescue are purebred as all Silken Windhounds must be DNA tested prior to breeding.

If you have any information on Silken Windhounds in need of rescue or that are present in any other rescue organization, please contact the coordinator in your area. We are aware of a "rescue" organization purporting to have Silken Windhounds available, often adverstising rare color patterns (such as all-white), but never produce pictures. If you make an appointment to visit, you are met with "bait-and-switch" tactics. BEWARE!Please contact an ISWS Rescue representative immediately if you find such a situation.

The mission of the ISWS Rescue is to provide medical care and loving, suitable homes for  surrendered Silken Windhounds. The International Silken Windhound Society Rescue is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and funded by donations and auction proceeds.

Contact: Joyce Chin,

Alternate contact: Jolene Hicks -