the Silken Windhound in Print

Argos, April 2003 - this Spanish all-breed magazine publishes an article about the Silken Windhound.

Baraka Book, 2000 - this Italian sighthound magazine publishes a note about Silken Windhounds.

Borzoi International, 2001 - Silken Windhound advertisement appears in this US magazine.

Borzoi-Ringen, 2001 - Silken Windhound advertisement appears in the Swedish Borzoi Club magazine.

Dog World, 2004 - Silken Windhound advertisement appears in this US all-breed magazine.

Dogs 24/7: Extraordinary Photographs of Wonderful Dogs, authors Rick Smolen and David Elliot Cohen, 2005 - includes Silken Windhound.

Dogs: The Ultimate Dictionary of Over 1000 Breeds, author Desmond Morris, 2002 - includes Silken Windhounds.

European Borzoi, Winter Issue 1999 - publishes an article about Silken Windhounds.

European Borzoi, 2003 - a European Silken Windhound appears in an advertisement in this magazine.

Levrieri, 2009 - this Italian magazine published a lengthy interview with Lillemor Croneryd, Kennel Leicro Borzoi. Lillemor has Silken Windhounds as well as Borzoi and the article includes two half-page photos and about two pages of text devoted to Silken Windhounds. The issue reference is Anno VII, No. 13.

Our Dog, March 11, 2005 - article about Silken Windhounds published in this UK weekly magazine.

Performance Sighthound Journal, 2006 - Silken Windhounds appear in an article in this US magazine.

Pies, 2009 - article about Silken Windhounds published in this Polish all-breed magazine (issue 9).

PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), 2004 - Silken Windhounds appear on the cover and in an article in this prestigious US scientific journal.

Positive Training for Show Dogs: Building a Relationship for Success, author Vickie Ronchette, 2007 - includes photographs of Silken WIndhounds.

Running Sighthounds, author Denise Como, 2009 - includes section on Silken Windhounds.

Sighthounds Afield, author Denise Como, 2004 - first "all sighthound" book to mention Silken Windhounds.

Silken Windhound, 2007 - first Silken Windhound breed magazine published.

The Howell Book of Dogs, author Liz Palika, 2007 - includes Silken Windhounds.

The Sighthound, 2006 premiere issue - article published about the first Silken Windhounds in the UK.

Yearbook of the Swedish Sighthound Club, 2005 - Silken Windhound article published.