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2015 Committee Members

  • National Show Chairs: Cyndi Dell
  • Regional Show Coordinator: Jennifer Ceballos
  • Show Secretary: Iola Stetson
  • National Performance Chair: Mike Leach
  • LGRA Meet Chair: Terri Campbell
  • NOTRA Meet Chair:
  • ASFA Trial Chair: Lori Silvestri
  • Health Testing: Michelle Smith
  • Hotel and Site Contact: Jennifer Ceballos
  • Obedience and Rally Chair: Jolene Hicks
  • National Fundraising and Auction: J. Vookles / Barb Franklin
  • Food Coordinator: Kathie Leach
  • Photographer: Richard Hunter
  • Hospitality: Ginny Poffenberger
  • Welcoming Committee: Kathie Treacy
  • Trophies: Lee Ann Kohler
  • National Website Chair: R. Lynn Shell
  • National Ribbons, Judges' Gifts Chair: Jerilynn Adin Safran
  • Logo Wearables: Jolene Hicks
  • Logo Art by Valerie Walchek


SilkenFest 2015

SilkenFest 2015 was held March 6-9, 2015 in Dade City, FL.

Breed Judge: Patti Neale

Sweepstakes Judge: Dora McDonald

Event chairs are Cyndi Dell and Jennifer Ceballos.


SilkenFest 2015

Dade City, FL

2015 SilkenFest logo

Best in Specialty Show 2015

ISWS Ch. UKC Ch. Avalon Preakness
(picture coming soon!)

Judge's Critique

"It was a delight today to share a few hours with you and your dogs. Whereas it is not a breed that I have personally owned, the essence of the dog in the background of Silken Windhounds, comes from breeds near and dear to my heart.

"Most were well-trained and presented, making my job as a judge easy.

"While, of course, creating the look of a new sighthound requires that type Is a prime consideration within the breed, the elusive athletic structure needed on a generic level, is also very important. Where I had to make a close decision, the tie was generally broken by the dog who had the most ease and grace in its movement.

"Many dogs were in hard, fit, running condition something I love to see in any sighthound. The majority of dogs were relatively clean, coming and going. A few more narrow base. The biggest movement fault, was lack of reach. It is one of the most difficult things to breed and maintain in any breed, and therefore must receive constant attention from both breeders and judges

"Bites were almost universally correct. Most dogs had dark eyes and pleasing expressions. Some toplines were more sporting dog than sighthound, but were in the minority. Few had poor tails or tail set. Coat ran the gamut, but was not used as a factor in any decision.

"Beyond size considerstions, the inconsistency of type was in a range no greater than that of many other breeds who have had more time and more numbers to set the look described by the standard. Just within the hound group, Salukis and ridgebacks come to mind.

"I am sorry that I am not delivering and expanding upon these comments in person. I left to come to Dade City yesterday, just two hours after our favorite Borzoi bitch was delivered of a litter of long-awaited puppies by C-section. 11 to be exact. I needed to get home to my dog family. I wish you the best of luck with yours. The Silken Windhound breed is certainly pointed in the right direction and in good hands.

"Thank you for letting me judge your dogs."

Patti Neale