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2017 Committee Members

  • National Show Chair: Jolene Hicks
  • Show Secretary: Julie Lechuga
  • National Performance Events Chair: Mike Leach
  • Hotel and Site Contact: Keith Hicks
  • National Fundraiser and Auction Chair: J. Vookles
  • Silent Auction: Barb Franklin
  • Trophies: Jolene Hicks
  • Rosettes & Medallions: Jerilynn Adin Safran
  • Lure Coursing Trial Secretary: Lori Silvestri
  • Straight & Oval Racing Secretary: Karen Sanders
  • Obedience and Rally Chair: Julie Lechuga
  • Conformation Photographer: Ken O'Brien Photography
  • Performance Photographer: Melanie Horn, Fly Dog Photography
  • Health Testing Chair: Michelle Smith
  • National Website Chair: R. Lynn Shell


SilkenFest 2017

SilkenFest 2017 will be held May 12-16, 2017 in Chino, CA

Breed Judge: Jan Leikam

Sweepstakes Judge: Patricia Gilbert

ASFA Judges: Justin Dannenbring and Susan Smith

UKC Obedience and Rally Obedience Judge: Pamela Murphy

Event chairman is Jolene Jones


SilkenFest 2017 Lure Coursing Results

Parker. TX

We had excellent lure coursing, on a beautiful day with two highly respected judges (Karen Arends and Jack Downing), lure operator (Rick Brown), huntmasters (Keith Hicks and Iola Stetson), field committee, Silkenfest committee and participants. Thank you to Mary Childs for pinch hitting on inspections with Lynn Wall when one of our team was unavailable, and thank you to Victor Whitlock for helping everything to run smoothly as an exceptional field clerk. A successful National event takes a village, and fortunately the Silkenfest 2017 committee and field committee rose to the challenge.

Our first ISWS hosted National ASFA Specialty in two years was also one of our better trial entries, on Sunday, March 20, 2017. We had 31 Silken Windhounds running, with a total entry of 45 including nonregular (ISWS conformation champion and kennel) stakes.

Many thanks to all for entering your hounds and helping to make this event a success.

Judges: Karen Arends and Jack Downing

Open Stake

(15 entered, 5 NQ)

1st - "Sienna" Windspirit Allagante Sienna (Sanders) - combined score 304
2nd - "Zee" Winsome's Zenyatta at Attaway (Pearce/Stetson) - 303
3rd - "Moon" Kumbaya Moon Tide Effect (Taylor) - 298
4th - "Remus" Allagante Full Spectrum (Zhou/Scherf/Sanders) - 296
NBQ - "Cora" Hunter's Run Corvette O Siendo (Brown) - 294
"Conner" SummersSpirit InPhenite OO Seven (Vookles) - 290
"Trace" Kohana's Traces of Autumn (Pearce/Peters-Campbell) - 278
"Luna" Allagante Luminosity RioKin (Jorgenson/Sanders) - 256
"Nova" Pride's Nova of Siendo (Cortez) - 205
"Gilda" Gryffyn's Aeyrie Light Up the Sky (Shell/Whitlock) - 200
"Bonfire" Del Sol Bonfire WNS (Van de Water) - scratched
"Opa!" Starfyre Koroit Opal@InPhenite (Vookles) - excused
"Picacho" Avalon Picacho (Moore/Moore) - excused
"Pippin" Aigrette's Winsome Lass (Stetson/Campbell) - dismissed
"Ranger" SummersSpirit Chipotle (Hayes) - dismissed

Field Champion Stake

(8 entered)

1st - "Cartier" Allagante Cartier Diamond, LCM (Sanders/Bancuk/Holmberg) - 301 runoff 152 - Best of Breed Forfeited
2nd - "Pagani" Allagante WSpirit MaxVelocity, FCh (Mills) - 301 runoff 150
3rd - "Dior" Allagante Christian Dior, LCM (Hicks/Sanders) - 299 runoff 151
4th - "Khan" Starfyre Gold Zircon, FCh (Hicks/Vookles) - 299 runoff 150
NBQ - "Cimarron" Siendo's Cimarron River, FCh (Hunter/Brown) - 290
"Hunter" Gryffyn's All The Right Moves, FCh (Frey) - 286
"Sky" Allagante Light Up the Sky, FCh (Sanders) - 283
"Alex" Velichestvo Aleksandrovich, FCh (Leach) - 282

Veteran Stake

(3 entered, 1 NQ)

1st - "Enzo" Gryffyn's Aeyrie HiptobeSquare, FCh (Frey) - 293
2nd - "Tootsie" Allagante Hot Tamale, FCh (Taylor) - 291
"Czar" Kristull Jaromir, VLCM2 (Leach) - scratched

Singles Stake

(5 entered, 2 NQ)

1st - "Wyeth" Cool Run Andrew Wyeth (Adin-Safran/Hyland-Fisher) - 288
2nd - "Gita" Firebirds Star of Sagitta, TCP (Vookles) - 267
3rd - "Rini" Aeracura Dare to be Different (Klahn/Smith) - 203
"Deuce" Gryffyn's Aeyrie Empire (Shell/Whitlock)
"Sandia" Avalon Sandia (Moore/Moore)

NonRegular Stakes

Kennel Stake

(7 entered)

Winner: Cartier/Sienna: 301 + 304 = 605
Dior/Khan: 299+299 = 598
Cimmaron/Cora: 290 + 294 = 584
Pagani/Sky: 301 + 283 = 584
Trace/Zee: 278 + 303 = 581
Czar/Alex: scratched
Opa!/Conner: dismissed

ISWS Conformation (Bench) Stake

(7 entered)

Winner: Pagani: 301
Dior: 299
Tootsie: 291
Hunter: 286
Sky: 283
Alex: 282
Czar: scratched

Best of Breed was Sienna: 152
Enzo: 149
Cartier: Forfeited