Silken Windhounds in Lure Coursing

Silken Windhounds, through lure coursing, demonstrate their sighthound abilities of speed, focus, enthusiasm for the chase, agility and endurance. Lure coursing provides a functional ‘test’ for sighthounds, using a plastic bag on a wide range of courses typically 600 to 1000 yards long, to simulate hunting small game in the open field. Silken Windhounds are natural and enthusiastic coursers, generally excelling at this event where they earn titles for their abilities and accomplishments.

The ISWS lure coursing program was modeled years ago on the very successful American Sighthound Field Association program. Similarly, the ISWS has recently started a lure coursing program supporting our European members and their Silken Windhounds for their accomplishments in lure coursing.

In December 1, 2009, Silken Windhounds were able to enter and compete in the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA)lure coursing events through the Limited Stake.

The Silken Windhound breed entered ASFA provisional status on March 1, 2012. According to a recent ASFA clarifying policy, the provisional classes in which a provisional breed may compete at an ASFA Trial are the open stake, field champion stake and veteran stake. Results from the classes shall be recorded and published as provisional open, provisional field champion and provisional veteran. Eligibility to enter the provisional field champion class will be based on points and placements earned during the provisional recognition period that would otherwise entitle a hound of a breed fully recognized by ASFA to be awarded an ASFA Field Champion title.

The ISWS lure coursing program currently awards titles for Silken Windhound points and placements earned at ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association) trials. Silken Windhounds are an ASFA provisional breed as of March 1, 2012. Titles earned by Silken Windhounds while they are a provisional breed will be awarded by ASFA upon the breed achieving full status in this national organization.

Silken Windhounds received full recognition by ASFA in April 2014.

You can find out more about Silken Windhound lure coursing, including a listing of those dogs who have earned ISWS lure coursing titles, on the ISWS Lure Coursing website.

See the ASFA website for more information on the American Sighthound Field Association, including a calendar of upcoming events