The Fast Dash Program is a 100 yard timed dash program.

This program is meant to parallel the AKC Fast CAT program offering Silkens titles with the parent club subject to the following rules:

  1.  The Silken Windhound must be 12 months or older AND be registered with the International Silken Windhound Society.   When an owner is providing the record keeper for the program with documentation for the Silkens’ first timed event they must also provide a copy of the dogs ISWS registration certificate.  This can be done by sending the record keeper a link to your dogs page in the pedigree database or by scanning and emailing its ISWS papers to the recordkeeper
  2. The AKC club or other organization that is administering the Fast CAT tests ( 100 to 200 yard speed timed event)  must be amenable to providing either a ribbon with the dogs call name, owner and speed written on it or write the information on an index card or some other document that the owner can take and then later provide the documentation to the record keeper for the program.
  3. All Silkens will receive their miles per hour as their score for each test and may participate in 2 tests per day.  They will not receive any extra points for being smaller or larger.
  4. Owners are advised that if you agree to pay TO THE ADMINISTERING CLUB a FULL ENTRY FEE rather than a practice fee the clubs are much more likely to be amenable to timing your dog and providing you with written documentation of dogs name, owners name, date, speed, and name of the club and the person (secretary ) for the event on a card or ribbon.
  5. Titles shall be as follows:
    1.  150 points ( mph) shall be the BFAST title  (Beginning Fast)
    2. 500 points ( mph) shall be the IFAST title   (Intermediate Fast)
    3. 1000 points (mph) shall be the FAST title
    4. Should a dog participate to 1500 points etc. it shall be FAST2, FAST3 etc. with a number for each 500 point increment.  So a dog with 1500 points will be a FAST2, a dog with 2000 points shall be a FAST3 etc.
  6.  Owners are responsible for providing proof of participation and scores along with the dogs registration with ISWS to the registrar for the program.
  7. Dogs achieving any of the above titles will be posted on the ISWS official email groups as having done so and will receive a certificate stating such via email that they may print out.  At any ISWS shows they are to be used as suffix titles to the dogs name.