Breeder List

This page is constantly being updated so some of the information may be incorrect or incomplete.

NOTE: This only lists details of breeders who are members of ISWS and thereby, are expected to follow the ISWS Breeder’s Code of Ethics. Being listed here does not mean any of these breeders are endorsed or recommend by ISWS, who has no regulatory powers over the actions of individual Breeders, so it is important that you research any breeder you are considering buying a Silken Windhound from carefully to ensure their breeding program matches your wants and needs. ISWS does not accept any responsibility for the quality and fitness of the puppies, or for any financial arrangements the purchaser may make with the Breeder.

If you are on the breeder list and need some information updated, or you feel you should be on this list and are not, please use the Breeder Information form found here.

NOTE: Brenda Katz, (aka Brenda Jones or Brenda J Wolf) of Bre-Z-Rds Kennel, has been permanently expelled from ISWS. Ms. Katz can no longer register litters; furthermore, no Silken Windhounds owned or co-owned by her can compete in ISWS events.

KennelBreeder NameWebsiteEmailCityStateCountryFrequency of Litters
24K Silken WindhoundsJerilynn Adin Safran24Ksilkenwindhounds.com24ksilkenwindhounds@gmail.comSt. James CityFLUS1 litter every 1 to 2 years
Aeracura Silken WindhoundsMichelle
AerialAnette Hatlenanettehatlen@outlook.comGANLillestrømNorway1 litter every 2 to 3 years
Aigrette Silken WindhoundsTerri Campbellaigrettesilkens.comforteviot@gmail.comBelfairWAUSReference Web site
Airbender DogsBette Currently Breeding
Allagante SilkensPaul & Karen Sandersallagantesilkens.comallagantesilkens@yahoo.comDamascusORUS2-3 Liters a year
Amethyst Silken WindhoundsHillary litter a year
Artemis Silken WindhoundsJasmine Roloffjazjoon@yahoo.comSan RafaelCAUS
Astraeus Silken WindhoundsLisa Adams Finlayastraeus-silkens.caTorontoONCanada
Attaway Silken WindhoundsMelissa Litters a year
AvalonSandra Moore & Paula Litters a year
B.D.S. Silken WindhoundsMasako Tashima>HokutoYamanashiJapan1 Litter every 1-2 years
Belozor Silken WindhoundsSuzanne

Bon Zoi'zConja The HagueZuid HollandNetherlands
Broadway Silken WindhoundsTina broadwaysilkens@aol.comCheyenneWYUS1 litter every 1 to 2 years
Clayborn Silken WindhoundsCathi Westerclaybornkennel.comgonedogcrazy@comcast.netParkerCOUS2-3 Liters a year
Conowingo DamesKate & Andrew Coateshttp://www.conowingodames.comconowingodames@gmail.comLaurelMDUS1 litter every 1-2 years
Cool Run Silken WindhoundsGloria A. Hyland-Fishercoolrunsilkenwindhounds.comfisherge1@verizon.netBridgetonNJUS1-3 Litters a year
Daybreak Silken WindhoundsAngela Crowleyancrowle@gmail.comInmanKSUS1-2 litters a year
Dewdrop HoundsD Pei Wuwww.dewdrophounds.comdpw97206@gmail.comPetersburgNYUS1 litter every 1 to 2 years
Elessar Silken WindhoundsLori & Michael Silvestri lori@elessarhounds.comSan Louis ObispoCAUS
ElfheimMarie Jarnefjordm.jarnefjord@gmail.comSätilaVästra GötalandSweden1 litter every 1 to 2 years
Empyrean Silken WindhoundsVicky Freyempyreansilkenwindhounds.comempyreansilken@att.netPilot PointTXUS1 Litter every 2 years
Endevor HoundsGill & Robert
Entourage Silken WindhoundsJan Decker & Trisha Graberwww.entouragesilkenwindhounds.comjdelonge@hotmail.comMagnoliaTXUS1-3 Litters a year
Fox Glen KennelsElisa Williams &Ron litter every 1-2 years
Greenwood SighthoundsBrianna Boswell & Tyler Pratt Lake CityUTUS1 litter every 1 to 2 years
Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi & Silken WindhoundsR. Lynn Shell & Victor Whitlockwww.gryffynsaeyrieborzoi.comgryffyn@borzoi.ccMcKinneyTXUS2-3 Liters a year
HeartSong HoundsVictoria Ray BeachFLUSNot Currently Breeding
HHF SilkensLaura muhll@aol.comLitchfieldCTUSNot currently breeding
Hounds of SpringlaneTerri Timm-Millerwww.thehoundsofspringlane.comteritm@yahoo.comCantonOHUS
Imperial Topaz SilkensGrell
imperialsilkens@gmail.comWestons MillsNYUS1-2 litters per year
InPhenite Silken WindhoundsJ Vookles
JusRics Silkens WindhoundRick Litters a year
KadlecGwen Little
CalimesaCAUS1-2 Litters a year
KingfisherSusie Gordonworldwithoutend72@gmail.comBolivarOHUS1 litter every 1-2 years
Kristull Silken WindhoundsFrancie Stullsilkenwindhounds.comfranciestull@gmail.comAustinTXUS4-6 Litters a year
Kushbdar KennelsHilary & Martin Tringhamkushbudarsilkenwindhounds.squarespace.comUK
Lagniappe HoundsDee & Greg Joneslagniappehounds.comlagniappehounds@gmail.comBaton RougeLAUSNot currently breeeding
Leicro'sLillemor Cronerydhttp://leicros.comlillemor@leicros.comÖdeshögSESweden1-2 Litters a year
Luminous Silken WindhoundsJina and Eli Harrisluminoussilkens@gmail.comSequimWAUS1 litter every 1 to 2 years
Lyrical Silken WindhoundsDebi Eskra litter every 1 to 2 years
Melioris WindhoundsEcho Prafke-Marsonmelioriswindhounds.comLansingMIUS
M-LigansCarolineärkeSweden1 litter every 1 to 2 years
Morgandell SilkensCyndi Dellwww.morgandellsilkens.commorgandell@yahoo.comGrass ValleyCAUS1-2 Litters a year
NavyRoseAlexandrea (Alex) Kovacsnavyroseborzoi@gmail.comAlbertaCanada1 litter every 2 to 3 years
NobleHouse Sight HoundsW. Ahryn litter every 1 to 2 years
Oak Creek Silken WindhoundsEmily Buerger contact@4steadypaws.comPittsburgPAUS1 litter a year
Obsidian Silken WindhoundsDave & Chris Cooperobsidiansilkens@gmail.comRivertonUTUS1-2 litters per year
Pengybrook KennelsSue Lewis & Justine Rogerswww.pengybrooksilkenwindhounds.comUK
Perla Silken Windhounds & BorzoiJeremy, Steph, & Kirbie Litters a year
Regalant Silken WindhoundsKathryn Houghtonregalantsilkens.comHoltMIUS
Renaissance Silken WindhoundsChris Currently Breeding
RosehillSherita Tabner
Santa AnnaTXUS1-2 Litters a year
Royal SoonerFrank & Brenda Youngwww.royalsooner.comroyalsoonerdanesandborzoi@cox.netMidwest CityOKUSNot Currently Breeding

silkenwindhound@gmail.comSan FranciscoCAUS1-2 Litters a year
Runway Silken WindhoundsCathie
Sarafias Silken WindhoundsSalla Klemettisalla.klemetti@gmail.comKellokoskiUusimaaFinlandNot Currently Breeding
Satomi Silken WindhoundsLeigh litter every 1 to 2 years
Satsuma Silken WindhoundsJennifer Ceballos & Robert Millerwww.satsumakennels.comjdc1008@yahoo.comKalamaWAUS3-4 Litters a year
Scirocco Hounds KennelRick & Ann Steelesciroccohounds.comannsteele24@gmail.comRenoNVUSNot Currently Breeding
Secret Haven KennelMichele Finkwww.secrethavenkennel.comfink.michele@yahoo.caBrinstonONCanada3-4 litters per year
Sigil Silken WindhoundsLauren Moore & Noel Dentonwww.indianasilkenwindhounds.comsigilsilkens@gmail.comKokomoINUS1-2 Litters a year
Silken Agents of CS BeckSteve & Christina Beckermansilkenwindhoundbreeders.comacebeck@gmail.comAllentownPAUS1-2 Litters a year
Silken MythologyCarmen Carrouche silkenmythology@gmail.comCAUS
Silken Windhounds @SpiritJennifer Anderson & Jon Staceywww.silkenwindhoundsatspirit.comNorthfieldMNUS1-2 Litters a year
SilkenstarBojana & Igor Razpotnikbojana.razpotnik@guest.arnes.siŠkofljicaSlovenia1 litter every 1 to 2 years
SilkNQuick WindhoundsGinny Currently Breeding
BostonLincolnshireUK1 Litter every 2-3 years
Starcastle HoundsSusann susann.stjernborg@gmail.comFinspångSweden1-2 Litters a year
Starfyre Silken WindhoundsKeith & Jolene Hickswww.starfyresilkenwindhounds.comjolenejones@sbcglobal.netOrange CountyCAUS1-2 Litters a year
SummerSpirit SighthoundsDonna C. Murphywww.summersspirithounds.comdclairemurphy@gmail.comElginTXUSOccasional
Sundance SilkensLori Madsen-Idsinawww.sundancesilkens.comPortlandORUS
Sunera Silken WindhoundsJanell Caseywww.sunerasilkens.comSalt Lake CityUTUS
Sunkissed SilkensCyndi Sample
Punta GordaFLUS1-2 litters per year
Talisman HoundsJoyce Chinwww.talismanhounds.comwhippetrix@yahoo.comWalnut CreekCAUS1 litter a year
Tangaloor SilkensAlison A. Brendel, CityWAUS1-3 Litters a year
Wildmeadow WindhoundsKirsten litter every 1 to 2 years
WildRose Silken WindhoundsTammy FallsORUS1 Litter every 2 years
WindnSatin Silken WindhoundsMary Childswww.windnsatin.commaryc2010@yahoo.comHamiltonOHUS
Winsome Silken WindhoundsIola Stetson, Charliann & Nic Cross, Justin & Valerie Brightwinsomesilkenwindhounds.comcontact@winsomesilkenwindhounds.comRedmondWAUS1-3 Litters a year
WolkowoHelena Arh
wolkowokennel@gmail.comPodnartSlovenia1-2 Litters a year
Wyndcharm KennelsLouise & Richard Lloydwww.wyndcharmsilkenwindhounds.comUK
Wyndolyn SilkensSue Mohlerwww.wyndolynsilkenwindhounds.comwyndolynsilkens@yahoo.comCAUS1-2 Litters a year
YretsPaulina EntinöVästernorrlandSweden1 litter every 2 to 3 years