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Parent clubs are the national organizations that oversee the welfare of their breed. National clubs depend on the contributions of their members to benefit the breed. We would love to have members who have found the Silken Windhounds and want to be part of their future.

Apply for Membership in the ISWS

Just fill out the form below and push the SUBMIT button to send it in automatically to the ISWS. We will handle the rest. Or you may download a .pdf fillable version of the application by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, and process your application on your own machine. Either way, it is easy to pay through PayPal .

Seiran Ayun
Seiran Ayun

International Silken Windhound Association Membership Application

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You can find the Code of Ethics here.
Please insert your name in the box above. If this is a Family Membership, please put both names.
*To be eligible for the Introductory Non-Voting Membership, the applicant must own a Silken Windhound and may not previously have been an ISWS member. This Introductory membership may not be renewed, but can be changed to one of the other available memberships during or after the first year.

The ISWS accepts payment through PayPal. It is easy to set up an account. Please make PayPal payments to: In the PayPal comments section, include the following information:
* Applicant’s Name, Address and Email Address

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By clicking Submit above, a copy of your application will be sent to both yourself at the email on the application, and to the Corresponding Secretary, who will present it soon to the ISWS Membership. To correspond with her, use this address:

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