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Officers and Committees

ISWS Officers for 2020


Show Points Committee

Chair: H Tregillus
Members: B Goodell, B O’Donnell
(Note: Exhibitors are reminded to be sure that Show Reports are sent in within 2 weeks after the show. The report includes an armband report and legible pictures of complete judges’ sheets.
A copy of all results should also be sent to the Corresponding Secretary:

Show Rules Committee

Members: Hilary Tringham

International Show Committee

Chair: S Lewis & C Banks
Members: Volunteers needed

Genetic Diversity Committee

Chair: Jerilynn Adin Safran
Members: G Grist, A Brendel, F Stull, K Fink

Legislative Committee 

Dee Jones

AKC Committee

Chair: Joyce Chin
Member: Keith Hicks

Health Committee

Chair: Joyce Chin
: Alison Brendel, Lydia Jorgensen, Jolene Hicks, Michelle Smith, Janell Casey, Lisa Golebiewski

Rescue Committee

Chair: Joyce Chin
Member: Jolene Hicks

Color Committee

Chair: A Cirimeli
Member: C Beckerman, K Ng

EU PR Committee

Chair: L Marchant
Members: S Stjernborg, H Arh, K Bank

USA PR Committee

Chair: Volunteer Needed
Members: Volunteers Needed

Illustrated Standard Committee

Chairs: Volunteer Needed
Members: F Stull, V Bratcher, E Prafke-Marson, C Swilley, H Tringham

SilkenFest National Director/Coordinator

Members: J Adin Safran

SilkenFest 2021 Committee

Chairs: K Sanders, J Vookles

Fundraising Committee

Chair: J Vookles (acting) Volunteer Needed
Members: L Jorgenson, K Torres, M Jackson, R Kurandina

Registration Committee

Chair: C Cross
Members: J Decker, V Bratcher, J Rodgers

Newsletter Committee

Members: V Bratcher, J Rodgers

Welcome Pack Committee

Members: H Rosenthal, B O’Donnell, K Torres

Website Team

Chair: Janine Pracht
Members: Nicholas Cross, Francie Stull
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