Sorry, there has been a problem with the online entry.

We have been made aware of multiple problems with the online entries.  Some of these issues were bad enough that we decided to take down the online entries ahead of the closure of entries in general.  We are working on a solution for this issue and hope to get it fixed, but it will unlikely be fixed before entries close.

Please complete the PDF entry form instead. The PDF form can be found here: NWFest_2023_Premium.pdf

If you have had issues with your entry, or have been billed multiple times...

There have been multiple issues as I mentioned and I would ask that you please check your email that you have confirmation of your entry as well as double check your payment through PayPal to ensure you have not been billed multiple times in error.  I will try to reach out to anyone that appears to have had problems with billing, but I want to be double sure we have all the entry information.

Sorry again for all the confusion, and if you have had problems… please use the form below to contact me.  -Nic

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